Upgrades to my 1999 Yamaha Mountain Max 700

Hello to all the slednecks out there.  Since I’ve arrived in Jeddah, I have been dwelling over which new sled to buy.  I have decided for the time being, I am going to hold off and allow myself more time to decide.  During this wait, I will continue the upgrades to my 1999 Yamaha Mountain Max 700.  This will soon become my backup sled.  I am not sure when I will order the new parts.  Everything is based on my upcoming vacation.

For my front suspension, I have decided to stick with after market parts from Mountain Performance Inc.  Polished Aluminum trailing arms will lighten my sled 4 pounds, along with giving the snowmobile a great custom look.  Complimenting these trailing arms will be new aluminum radius rods, billet spindles, and billet aluminum steering arms.  The new suspension will lighten the sled by a total of about 9 pounds.

One thing I wish I would have done long ago is replace my stock reeds with V-Force Delta 3 reeds.  With this addition, greater throttle response, horsepower, and fuel economy are all increased.  The reed spacers I already have now help, but both together will be great asset.

I also have decided to install a new stainless brake rotor, with an aluminum hub to lower the rotating weight.  At this time, I have not decided with manufacturer’s parts I will purchase.  I should see approximately 2 pounds in weight reduction.  Since, its rotating weight, weight reduction will feel much higher.

My Boss seat is another subject entirely.  Three years in thinking, and I still couldn’t decide which style I wanted to purchase.  In the end, I have decided to stick with a stock look in a Boss Seat.  I have pondered on this decision for way too long!  My Boss Seat is now on order.

After I purchase everything, I will continue to think about which manufacturer my new sled will be.  Basically, I am torn between a Ski-Doo Summit X 800 with a 151 inch long track, and a Yamaha Apex Mountain SE.  I have to continue pondering.  Let me know which of the two sleds you like more.  Everyone enjoy the upcoming season!

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